First business card from which you can make a call
Your costumers will find their way back to you
Only two buttons



Technological phone core module consists of a battery, microphone and speaker

Phone module is minimized so as to hide in case the size of regular business cards. Simphonie is not permanently registered in the network. Until you turn it on it does not consume any energy.

micro USB
850/900/ 1800/1900 MHz
GSM Bands


Simphonie use possibilities are simply limitless

Business card which you can use to contact your doctor, lawyer or even taxi driver. Simphonie can be simply interconnected with any business or service.

If you want to make a call, press the button to turn on your phone, it will register to the network, dial a preset number and you will be connected with the receiver. To end the call, press the second button, the call ends, disconnects the phone from the grid and stops consuming energy. Simphonie lets you recharge the battery using a standard micro USB cable.

"Our philosophy is to offer you the ideal one-way communication tool Thanks to its variability in shape and printing, the use is almost countless. It impresses with its originality and helps in increasing the comfort of the services offered. With its patented technology, paper and fully recyclable body, Simphonie can completely subordinate personal or corporate design or your imagination."


Simphonie paper cover allows you to use your creativity

We thought about ecology and environment right from the beginning. From production, supplied accessories, packaging, transportation, and ending with taking back and recycling.

If you want to give Simphonie back to us, you simply put it into an envelope, which you can ask us for and send it from any post office.


Does Simphonie include SIM card?
Yes, with a possibility of credit in your chosen amount.
From which material is the SImphonie body made of?
The body is made from a fully recyclable cardboard-based material, which is more similar to the hard book cover and therefore guarantees not only sufficient strength and flexibility, but also surprising resistance.
In what GSM band does Simphonie work?
The phone operates in the GSM band of 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz, and therefore it can be worldwide, excluding Japan.
What is Simphonie’s standby time?
The phone does not have standby mode, since after the call is made it shuts down completely and consumes no energy. This significantly increases usage time.
Is it true that Simhonie can really have and shape and printing?
Yes. The material allows shape and design entirely based on your fantasies, wishes,or corporate style. Want a business card, car, cloud, plane or heart? You can have it!
How can I make a call from Simphonie?
First button – Make a call to a preprogrammed number. Second button – End a call. How simple is that?
Can Simphonie re-charge the battery?
Yes, simply using the micro USB cable.
What accessories are delivered?
Package does not include any accessories, only the envelope for the return. The phone has everything you need to make a call. In many cases not even a SIM card is needed to allow Simphonie fulfill one of its purposes. But if you need eg. Micro USB cable, you can order it from us.
Can Simhonie serve as a locator device?
Yes, if the SIM card provider allows localization services.

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